About You

yoga poseYou’re not like everyone else. You didn’t go into business to make money. Maybe you’re about saving energy, improving working conditions, organic food, or holistic health.You’re concerned about how you, and your business, impact the world. Whatever it is, you’re passionate about what you do and it’s what gets you up every morning. It’s your calling. Changing the world is what you live for.

But, your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. To be a change agent you need to get the word out. And that means the “M” word – Marketing. I know that marketing is a four-letter-word (“SELL”) for most of us. But it doesn’t have to be.

You can market your business ethically and honestly. Without feeling “icky” or that you have to sell out. You’re doing great things. It’s just that no one knows about them yet.

You’re doing good in the world. It’s time to tell your story.